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7th Jul 2017, 4:52 AM
If any of you guys remember Lit Moon,, this is actually the second comic I'm (kinda) abandoning, both due to poor planning on my part. This was done because I had much more free time at the time, and then after some time, basically served as a rebound to Lit Moon. Also, I needed to finish a 'short' project to make my self feel good (which by the way i set things up, would need more time than I could invest on). . Really says something about my work ethic, huh?

I know, and will admit I'm really lazy, and that I tend to loose interest pretty quickly. And of course, that's no good. I don't want people reading my stuff thinking "It doesn't matter, he's cancelling this eventually..."

But with all that said, I also don't want to continue doing something I don't really care doing at all. Sure, Lift the pencil is some thing I care for, enough to publish publicly, but when you go for the marriage proposal one week into the dating, and when you know you're on a rebound, you know you're gonna run into incompatibility issues. That's what's basically happened with this series.

I want to change and finally make something I can be proud of. So I'm making a point to take my time the next time.

But for now, the comic is on hiatus indefinitely.

However, I am also currently working on a project right now. I'm just finalizing the rough outline before I'll do the scripting. I'm currently taking my sweet time tight now, so I won't run into planning issues like this one and the next. I think you guys can take a peak what it is through my profile ;)

(hint, it's a Lit Moon Reboot)


I'm sad to see it go on hiatus but I'm glad you're working on a Lit Moon Reboot.

7th Jul 2017, 5:05 AM edit delete reply

Sorry about putting it on an indefinite hiatus.. it has been hard mulling over it, but it has been months and I still can't figure out how to progress the story. I do have plans finishing it, but it just felt right to hold it off for now.

I'm also so exited when I'm finally done with the planning stage of the new reboot.
I'm going to take it slow this time and carefully flesh out the story, so it might take a really long while before I'm going to make pages ^^

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I can't wait to see it!

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